Just let me sleep!

A computer scientist I know reportedly gets by on four or five hours of sleep a night. By four in the morning, and often earlier than that, he is at his computer working out an algorithm, answering e-mail or reading the blogs he follows. Much to my dismay, I just waste my time when I can’t sleep, and the only thing I manage to accomplish is a higher state of anxiety.


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A shoutout to the unheralded victorious

Many of us little people indeed have a speck of singing ability, literary skill or Scrabble prowess, but unless we record it for posterity, nobody will ever know how we excelled.

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The various offerings of the world

I am still trying to figure out why some consumer products companies do not tell you where they produce their goods. Aren’t they proud of their manufacturing plants?

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Spam from me to you

Anybody who knows me knows that I do not send out e-mails with product offers. When it comes to my merchandising abilities, let’s put it this way: When God was doling out the e-commerce gene, He didn’t give me one.

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Spawn of the devil’s own whore

Of course I am not superstitious. I do not throw salt over my shoulder, I walk underneath ladders and Friday the thirteenth is just another day. But I fully understand why people in earlier centuries believed that cats are the spawn of the devil’s own whore.

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A word about politics from a fool

As we all rev up for Election Day this week, you might want to look at the eight worst countries on Transparency International’s list. The U.S. isn’t on it. That’s something to think about.

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A novelist’s tale of Afghanistan in 1841

Tamim Ansary talks about The Widow’s Husband, a novel set in a mid-nineteenth-century Afghan village that looks at England and Russia’s battle for control of Afghanistan from an Afghan point of view.

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