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12/6/2010: Subzin, I’m talking about freedom (Syl Johnson),


11/29/2010: Top 48 ads that would never be allowed today, Newsmakers: Race in America (Part 3), Bardou: Greensleeves Suite — nyckelharpa and arch-harp guitar

11/22/2010: Understanding the Web, for fans of Charles Dickens, Global beer production and consumption, What are the odds of…?

11/15/2010: La Murga De Panama with Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe, Was the Wheel of Fortune one-letter solve really a miracle?, Notable Jeopardy! contestants

11/8/2010: Drinks with writers, 500 Days of Summer (You Make My Dreams Come True), Spending: single vs. married

11/1/2010: Dancing under the gallows (Alice the Film), SitePal, Oseh Shalom


10/25/2010: Monks undertake 500-mile journey on their knees, The rent is too damn high party, The evolution of the geek

10/18/2010: Van Gogh portraits in motion, The design genius of Charles & Ray Eames, Jane McGonigle: Gaming can make a better world

10/11/2010: Powers of ten (Ray & Charles Eames for IBM), The geography of prejudice, Big-ass message


09/27/2010: America before Pearl Harbor: Early Kodachrome images, BookTV podcast, Procrastination

09/20/2010: ATM graffiti, Pocket notebooks of 20 famous men, The Tobolowsky Files

09/7/2010: Maino on the World of Jenks, Daryl Cagle’s political cartoonists index, The Loose Screw

AUGUST 2010:

08/30/2010: Gender analyzer, Speech accent archive, Vote for nobody

08/23/2010: Logorama, Illustrated guide to a Ph.D., Couples dynamics

08/16/2010: Dirpy, 100 must-read books: The essential man’s library, New York State Writers Institute

08/09/2010: Jonathan Goodluck for presidentBad news from the pastCensus of marine life

08/02/2010: I write likeIEEE Spectrum: This week in technologyGoogle lit trips

JULY 2010

07/26/2010: “Lost” languages to be resurrected by computers?, Free video lectures, Britain’s oldest married couple

07/19/2010: Who killed more, Satan or God?, Soccer’s slim salaries, Top ten words of the ’80s

07/12/2010: Google won’t search for Chuck Norris, Top 10 ugliest buildings in NYC, Life in a day

07/05/2010: The most used press release buzzwords, Spaceweather, Online conjugator

JUNE 2010

06/28/2010: You are not so smart, North American English dialect survey, All sorts: A linguistic experiment

06/21/2010: Chris Moyles’ double work-out session, BP spills coffee, Earl “Fatha” Hines workshop

06/14/2010: Wavin’ Flag by K’naan, Most frequently looked-up words on — 2010, Top 10 new species — 2010

06/07/2010: Bye bye Euro, Muppets in IBM training film, Meet the last generation of typewriter repairmen

MAY 2010

05/31/2010: Farmville theme song, Typography by Ronnie Bruce, Marina Abramović: Portraits

05/24/2010: Ephemeral New York, Visualizing alcohol use, Viktor Frankl: why to believe in others

05/17/2010: Heifetz plays Paganini Caprice No. 24, Janey Cutler’s got talent, 50 most stylish men of the past half century

05/10/2010: Gettysburg Address in Powerpoint, 221B Baker Street, Cupidtino

05/03/2010: Luis Miguel Del Amargue, 50 best author vs. author put-downs of all time, Typography for lawyers

APRIL 2010

04/26/2010: Eyjafjallajökull: You’re doing it wrong, Stanley Turrentine: Don’t mess with Mr. T, Fun, salvation

04/19/2010: Codex Seraphinianus, Julia Child’s Roasted Chicken, Tom Lehrer fan website

04/12/2010: Traces of the Soviet Union, Great Penguin Classics covers, Nina Simone: Ain’t Got no … I’ve got life

04/05/2010: Death by caffeine, 100 amazing futuristic design concepts we wish were real; The naked scientists

MARCH 2010

03/29/2010: The weird world of food obsessives, Where geniuses work, Robert Gupta: Music is medicine, music is sanity

03/22/2010: Old Jews telling jokes, Woot, Pickover

03/15/2010: Drew Carey: Eminent domain gone wild, Victor Borge: Phonetic pronunciation, The Canary Project

03/08/2010: Odd physics videos, Tokyo Glow, Itty bitty cities

03/01/2010:  Enter Jackson Pollack, Letters to dead people, Anybody out there?


02/22/2010: Jerome Murat, The rhyming chef, Help, I’m bored

02/15/2010: The 4 big myths of profile pictures, Field guide to freeway interchanges, Unhappy hipsters

02/08/2010: I color the news, Celebrate with cakeForvo

02/01/2010: Hunch, GirlGeeks, Strange B&W photos


01/25/2010: Jump rope, Sketchswap, The world according to Americans

01/18/2010: Milky Way Transit Authority, Dante Gabriel Rosetti, The Leonard Cohen Files

01/11/2010: My parents were awesome, Ismail Roldan, Lin-Manuel Miranda raps about Alexander Hamilton

01/04/2010: Wordle, Duelty, Zombo


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