Art archive

BookpodThis archive contains a list of artwork and photography published on All images are used with permission of the artist.


12/6/2010: VW, photograph. Simon Smith. Flickr.


11/29/2010: Movers, photograph. Akbar Simonse. Flickr.

11/22/2010: Lost in Iceland, photograph. Des Cannon. Flickr.

11/15/2010: Sara with her shadow, photograph. Jack Richman. Copyright 2010.

11/8/2010: Root casserole, photograph. Meir Pliskin. Copyright 2010.

11/1/2010: Elena in kitchen, photograph. Jack Richman. Copyright 2010.


10/25/2010: Marrakech moment, photograph. Des Cannon. Flickr.

10/18/2010: Double trouble, photograph. Des Cannon. Flickr.

10/11/2010: Jason eating spaghetti, photograph. Jack Richman. Copyright 2010.


09/27/2010: Leonard Cohen, photograph. Des Cannon. Flickr.

09/20/2010: Children, book jacket. Courtesy of Nyaka AIDS Orphans School.

09/6/2010: Trying to take in Ground Zero, photograph. Des Cannon. Flickr.


08/30/2010: New Willis Avenue Bridge, photograph. Mario Burger. Flickr.

08/23/2010: Shanghai skyline, photograph. Peter Morgan. Flickr.

08/16/2010: Rainy Avenue of the Americas, photograph. Camille Lacroix. Flickr.

08/09/2010: Pensive girl, photograph. Cristoforo Nowak. Flickr.

08/02/2010: The wonder years, photograph. Manuel Atienzar. Flickr.

JULY 2010

07/26/2010: Card players, photograph. Jim French. Flickr.

07/19/2010: Boys of summer, photograph. Corrado Giulietti. Fickr.

07/12/2010: No words, photograph. Andrea Francesco Berni. Flickr.

07/05/2010: Beach buddies, photograph. Anna Thornton-Wyman. Flickr.

JUNE 2010

06/28/2010: Borders, photograph. Anastasios Kementsietsidis. Flickr.

06/21/2010: Father and sons, photograph. Valerie Wallace-Camp. Flickr. Website.

06/14/2010: Lower East Side, photograph. Misho Baranovic. Flickr.

06/07/2010: A groom’s mind, photograph. Fabio Stachi. Flickr.

MAY 2010

05/24/2010: Josh Redman, photograph. Bill Douthart. Flickr.

05/24/2010: In love, photograph. Fabio Stachi. Flickr.

05/17/2010: Emo Dublin, photograph. Brian McGuinness. Flickr.

05/10/2010: Mother and child, photograph. Jim Christensen. IBM Research. Jim Christensen Gallery

05/03/2010: Tango, photograph. Barbara Fritze. Flickr.

APRIL 2010

04/26/2010: Girl with accordion, photograph. Stijn Coppens. Flickr.

04/19/2010: Coffee with Murat in NYC, photograph. Nihal Celik. Flickr.

04/12/2010: NYC bus driver, photograph. Barbara Edwards. Flickr.

04/05/2010: Pensive with coffee, photograph.Volker Kaechele. Flickr.

MARCH 2010

03/29/2010: Egg, photograph. Paul Watson. Flickr.

03/22/2010: Joe looking cool, photograph. Alfie Goodrich. BlogFlickr.

03/15/2010: Browsing for books, photograph. Volker Kaechele. Flickr.

03/08/2010: “Strangers, friends,” photograph. Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan. BlogFlickr.

03/01/2010: “Newspaper boxes,” photograph. Yonina Siegal.


02/22/2010: “Stylish waiter,” photograph. Alessandro Valli. Flickr.

02/15/2010: “Brooklyn Bridge,” photograph. Marcus Claesson. Flickr.

02/08/2010: “Deo Mwano,” photograph. Darth Nepharan. Flickr.

02/01/2010: “Three Happy Friends,” photograph. Keidi Kasmollari. Blog. Flickr.


01/25/10: “Rent,” photograph. Ronaldo F. Cabuhat. Flickr.

01/18/10: “William Parker,” photograph. Bill Douthart. Blog. Flickr.

01/11/10: “Subway readers,” watercolor. Jane Harris

01/04/10: “Bowl of Clocks,” watercolor. Jane Harris


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