Giving Borges his due

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In On Writing, Jorge Luis Borges writes, “I do know that  literature is an art that can foresee the time when it will  be silenced, an art that can become inflamed with its own virtue, fall in love with its own decline, and court its  own demise.”

Borges was talking about Spanish literature, but he could  also have been talking about serious writing in the age of  the Internet.

In this Skype recording, translator and editor Suzanne Jill Levine (pictured) talks about Borges and his five volumes  of nonfiction and poetry published by Penguin Classics.

Read the transcript (pdf)

The Penguin Classics series: On Writing, The Sonnets, On Argentina, On Mysticism, Poems of the Night.

This episode is part of Bookpod, an audio podcast that features short audio essays by writers of lasting value.

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