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A word about politics from a fool

As we all rev up for Election Day this week, you might want to look at the eight worst countries on Transparency International’s list. The U.S. isn’t on it. That’s something to think about.


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A novelist’s tale of Afghanistan in 1841

Tamim Ansary talks about The Widow’s Husband, a novel set in a mid-nineteenth-century Afghan village that looks at England and Russia’s battle for control of Afghanistan from an Afghan point of view.

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Time to give up on a noble cause?

Maybe I should thank my years at IBM for making me take seriously the idea of sustainability: Does your project have the legs to matter to people? If it limps along, why bother with it?

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Trains, automobiles and a rainy night in NYC

I didn’t want to take my podcasting equipment into the subway. It’s bulky. It’s heavy, and in rush hour, I would have to worry about keeping track of it. I worried too that some canny mugger would figure out what I was carrying and jump me. It’s crazy to admit, but I was hoping for another obstacle.

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But she didn’t bite off my ear

My instinct is to walk past desperate people, especially when they ask me for help. But given that we have just passed through a season of introspection and repentance, I figured I would be like George Costanza on the day he decided to behave in a way contrary to his usual habits.

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