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Hold the advice. They’re not listening!

The Bird Feeder’s oddness is easy to spot from half a block away. My oddness and yours, though, would be just as easy to see except that we view our own eccentric personalities as the baseline for normal human behavior.


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Twesigye Jackson Kaguri talks about The Price of Stones

Twesegye Jackson Kaguri talks about The Price of Stones, the book he wrote to publicize the role that education — especially at his Nyaka AIDS Orphans School — is playing in stemming the incidence of the disease.

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Sylvie, the battered rebbetzin

That’s Sylvie, the rabbi’s wife, flying across the room. Her husband beats her.

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What’s the emergency? Take the egg challah!

I wanted to tell the woman on line at the bakery, “Shut up already about the whole wheat challah! If Hurricane Earl comes, you’ll hunker down with your family and eat egg challah instead.” How do you tell a complete stranger to get a life?

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