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I meet bizarro me at the gym

Jill and I were exercising on side-by-side elliptical machines when she told me she was mourning the death of her boyfriend. She had been with Ken, the love of her life and a man married to another woman, for sixteen years. Ken’s wife would not consent to a divorce, so he lived a dual life with a home in a wealthy Long Island suburb and lots of travel around the world with Jill. So, why does Jill think I have so much in common with her?


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Godly lucubrations of a latitudinarian

Is it true that intelligent people dispense with God and Santa Claus by the age of twelve? Maybe I am simply the chump who took her early religious training too seriously or the dupe who is still stuck in intellectual puberty.

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Getting ready for Phase Two

At least two times in your life, you have to make a dramatic statement. The first is when you are young and untried. The second is when you are older and want to say one last thing about who you really are. How do you know when it’s time to settle into the rocker and pull the granny blanket up over your knees and when it’s time to go out with one last hurrah?

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What I did on my summer vacation

During my three-day Atlantic City idyll, New Jersey and I were perfect together.

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Just wanna shake things up

Thanks, Julian. Thanks for asking a mere hypothetical question that’s turned my life into An Unmarried Woman, that old Jill Clayburgh movie, only without the wealth or trophy-wife-chasing husband. Thanks for making me wonder, “How am I going to live the rest of my life?”

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