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Build a Jewish Mother GPS

I would like to throw out a challenge to the software development community to come up with a Jewish Mother GPS that will capture the best of the deprecatory voice that has made me the neat, book-reading adult I am today.


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A foodie valentine to New York City restaurants

William Grimes talks about Appetite City, the book he wrote to chronicle New York’s culinary history from the days of the Dutch to the current mélange of ethnic eateries

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Happy Home Depot Father’s Day

My father is starting to forget words in English. I finish more and more of his sentences for him. Yet every single day with him is a blessing.

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The Pinkas of Metz

YIVO executive director Jonathan Brent talks about some extraordinary pro-women judicial decisions made by a Polish Talmudic scholar before the French Revolution in Metz, France. A backward Polish rabbi in sophisticated France? Who knew.

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The solace of trivia in tough times

The Gaza Flotilla Raid showed one thing for sure: People come to a complicated conflict with their minds already made up and their prejudices intact.

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The kindness of Chinese strangers

When you are young, your expectations about travel sound like a message in a Chinese fortune cookie: You will meet a handsome stranger. You will party ’til you drop. But when you finally arrive at your destination, people think of you as happy, stupid and fat. You feel as lost as a moth in a mitten.

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