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Hey, BP, take a page from Apple’s book

Old-economy companies like BP do not have a sense of urgency even when they are in a crisis of their own making. Not so for new-economy outfits like Apple and PayPal.


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Something to be said for anonymity

I had found a guy in New York City who had carried a torch for me since college and now wanted to marry me. But within a couple of months, he was gone. “You’re fine for a man who likes blondes, but I really prefer dark women,” he said.

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Lost in Manhattan again

If I respected my inner James Bond, I would pop my H2 Handy Recorder into my purse and take the subway to Manhattan to do my Bookpod interviews. Instead, I load my techno-thingamagiggery into my Zaporozhets and begin a journey that inevitably gets me lost somewhere east of Omaha.

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My ever-new and unknowable mother

Women with little children worry that they are turning into their own mothers. I will have to live to old, old age before I am lucky enough to turn into mine.

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My year of eating heavy Eastern European food copiously

For twenty-one years, my bona fides as a responsible adult have been nigh impeccable. What could tip me back into a life of decadence?

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